Her previous novels, On Dublin Street, Down London Road and the novella Until Fountain Bridge, are also published by Penguin. If, after reading Nate and Olivia’s story, you decide to take to the streets of Edinburgh to find Jamaica Lane, I’ll make it easier for you. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for On Dublin Street: “This book had some funny dialogue, Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street Book 3) by [Young, Samantha]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. Read Before Jamaica Lane (On Dublin Street 3) Online, Free Novels Online, Read Book Online, Listen Novels Online. Author: Samantha Young. Category: .

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The follow-up to the runaway bestsellers ON DUBLIN STREET and DOWN LONDON ROAD Despite her outgoing demeanor, Olivia is painfully insecure around. Read Before Jamaica Lane PDF. Samantha Young - Before Jamaica Lane. Before Jamaica Lane. Samantha Young · Romance. Samantha Young is a year-old Scottish book addict who graduated from the University of Edinburgh. She currently lives in Scotland.

Not quite as used to walking in stilettos as my girlfriends were, I made slower progress at the back of our group as Jo led us to our mystery destination. They were also engaged.

Very recently, in fact. Hence the poor clothing choices. As I reminisced, Nate turned around from speaking to Adam and Ellie to direct his beautiful smile my way. I blinked, distracted by the flush of attraction I felt. That flutter, that rush of unexpected feeling, sent me reeling back to the first time Nate and I had met. It was nice. She was kind of awesome.

She deserved to be taken care of, and I knew that Cam was the one person who could do that for her. In the kitchen I puttered around, finding bowls and plates for the snacks.

Oh, my. My heart started beating ridiculously fast. He quirked an eyebrow at my speechlessness. My eyes roamed him from head to toe, and as I took in all his glory I felt this funny little dip low in my belly, so low it was quickly followed by a shock of aroused tingles between my legs.

Oh, okay. That was new. Desperately trying to ignore the tingles and failing, I attempted to force myself through the arousal and my shyness to interact with the stranger. The stranger who I was guessing was Nate. She had not exaggerated. He was smiling too, showing off a pair of sexy dimples and perfect white teeth. Miracle of miracles, his T-shirt actually distracted me from his muscles. The paralyzing shyness that usually took me over when I was faced with a hot guy melted into the background as I burst out laughing.

He glanced down at the words, seeming surprised. When he lifted his gaze to me again his dark eyes were smiling. And you can understand their mistake. I shivered as he lazily ran his gaze down my body and back up again. Still … my breath caught. I wanted a drink, so I came straight to the kitchen. Just like that, the air in the room began to return to normal. She wants to be good at sex. Who better to help her than the most experienced guy she knows?

Nate is hesitant at first. Let the lessons begin! You want me to fuck you in order to teach you how to fuck another guy? There was an obvious connection there. They had passion, but they could always just hang out, watch movies, and talk. Liv was a never annoying, sweet, comical, feisty and fun heroine. She was so lovable. Then there was Nate. Nate appeared to be the super hot manwhore, but there was so much more to him than that.

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He was actually a little nerdy like Liv, he was understanding and had been through a lot. His heart it always in the right place. Sex between friends The moment they were introduced in Down London Road you know they will just "click" as a couple and eager to want to have their own book, I'm happy that they got one and it was awesome. The highlight in the story was their engaging relationship.

Their chemistry together made the sexy scenes explosive. How they connect emotionally because of their past intertwined them and made their bon A fantastic book to begin the year!

How they connect emotionally because of their past intertwined them and made their bond more realistic. Their banter is going to make you laugh.

They're the best of friends ever! If this is going to be Nate and Olivia's love story then View all 27 comments. This starts when Olivia asks Nate to give her seduction lessons. Since they are best-friends and geeks-soul-mates they believe that it will not going to interfere with their friendship. Yeah, right. Obviously their agreement starts to change th 4,5 Seductive Stars!! In the end, it always come down to their past.

But you know that already. So in the end it comes down to this: How to you keep a person in your life after everything is changed and going back is no longer possible? I love this series. My review could be resumed in just this sentence. I loved Cam from the previous book, and Braden will always have a special place in my heart, but I think Nate just became my favorite. It was probably his geek side!

I felt connected: P Yeah, there was the times he annoyed me, but I loved him through basically the whole book. And the best thing about this? Not the most original one, but so well written that you quickly forget about that. Writing Style: Character Development: Loved both of them. Nate was a great MC and as I said before, Olivia was pretty much perfect. So hot!

Probably the hottest in the series so far. At least in my opinion. View all 51 comments. I wanted him to love me the way I loved him.

The kind of love that's so big it would last beyond a lifetime. Just some pressure free reading, but then the characters started to come off the page. And before I knew it I was in love with the story, made a little graphic and here I am writing a review.

Oh well, stranger things have happened. After loving the first book and being slightly disappointed with the second I was reluctant to go back, but I can honestly say I don't regret picking this series up again.

A complete win for me. This is the story of Olivia and Nate, a friends to lovers contemporary romance, that will melt your heart, make you giggle like a little girl and fall madly in love with Nate in the meantime. I'm not making the mistake of walking away from you again.

The only man in you future is me, Liv. The only kids in your future are mine. Both characters first appeared in the the second instalment Down London Road. Nate is Cam's best friend and he works as a reviewer for video games and movies.

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And on top of that he is a manwhore with commitment issues. Just to put it out there, but don't hold it against him. He still needs to realise that his other best friend is the one. Olivia is sort of a sister for Jo and only recently moved to Scotland with her dad.

She is a librarian and the 'other best friend' who will eventually be madly in love with Nate. Olivia is simply adorable. A quirky, sharp witted gal with an interesting sense of humour, who is incapable to form a single coherent thought when faced with men she is attracted to.

Nate is a charmer, warm hearted, a nerd and probably the best friend any girl can have. Romantic interest or not. I have to say, I love both main characters on their own. Nate and Liv are wonderful, but when they come together magic happens. They click as friends right from the start and rather quickly become inseparable.

They have amazing banter and complete each other. But things get really interesting when Liv falls for a guy at work and asks Nate to help her become more confident. Those lessons may or may not turn out different than what she would have thought. Young created a lovable story about two friends who belong together. The chemistry and connection is undeniable and really captured my attention.

The writing is smooth and effortless.

The family aspect with all the surrounding characters makes this a well rounded and highly enjoyable read. Not to mention an explosive one when Nate and Liv get into their lessons. Holy hotness batman. And you know it can't all be smooth sailing, right? There are a lot of people involved that could get hurt and things in their past might turn this little game into a powder keg.

But that's where the fun begins. Well, I am convinced to keep going with the series. There are after all some very interesting and still single friends and family member left on the streets of Edinburgh View all 64 comments.

Before Jamaica Lane Series: On Dublin Street 3 Author: Samantha Young Release Date: January 7th, Rating: No HEA: I can only congratulate her writing this wonderful mix of fluffy, fuzzy emotions, angst, hot sex and heartwarming romance. Because it made me laugh, s Title: Because it made me laugh, swoon, melt, throw myself on the floor, pick myself from it and then once again roll of the bed.

And even if my back hurt a little bit because of that, my fluttering heart made up for it. Before Jamaica Lane had everything a good new adult read has to have: Before Jamaica Lane tells story of Olivia.

They fell into best friends category very quickly. Olivia is curvy and being as inexperienced as she was made her very self-conscious. Plain and simple. But when between librarian Liv and Panty dropping Mr Fuck me senseless tutoring in flirting turned into lessons between the sheets, things started to change.. Olivia was fabulous heroine. I felt her so much. I admired her for that. She was funny, so darn cute and she was a geeky librarian! Nate was another story altogether.

I liked him, I really did. He was a geek score! I really need one. Together they were the bomb! They were a match made in heaven. Samantha Young used every trick she had up her sleeve and she did it wisely. Fans of On Dublin Street series should feel extremely satisfied with what she came up with. I definitely was. Not only did I have a great time, while reconnecting with the gang, I also glimpsed into lives of Nate and Olivia and fell in love with both of them.

Perfect read for those who crave some lightness and romantic tale of love. View all 40 comments. This review may contain slight spoilers and copious amount of sentences starting with "I loved Yes, the recurring themes in this book has been done a number of times but what set this apart from other books is the connection and the chemistry between the two main characters.

We met Olivia and Nate during Cam and Jo 5 stars!!

Before Jamaica Lane

Olivia moved to Scotland with her father after she lost her job there. Nate was one of Cam's bestfriend.

He's gorgeous, fun and is a total commitment-phobe. They started off as friends, bonded by their love for movies, books, etc. There was already an attraction there especially on Olivia's part. But she's painfully shy around guys and a little bit insecure because of her inexperience.

Before Jamaica Lane

Plus, she never thought that Nate might see her that way. So she buried that flicker of attraction and moved on. Nate doesn't do commitment. It sounds like a tired old cliche but he has a pretty good reason at least in his head for it. Nate had already met the love of his life but she died and Nate's heart died along with her. So he flirts with everything that moves and doesn't make any promises. But Olivia was different. She was the first female that he feels comfortable with. He can actually be himself around her.

Then someone caught Olivia's eye but being painfully shy especially around guys, she doesn't quite know how to deal with it.

Enter Nate, the manwhore best friend who's going to teach her how to get the guy. They find themselves spending more and more time together and things started escalating from there. And boy, did it escalate. Their first kiss Samantha Young had me emotionally invested in both Olivia and Nate. They are, by far my favorite couple in this series.

Sorry Ellie and Adam I loved how their relationship developed and the transition between friends to lovers doesn't feel rushed or contrived. The author really took her time to develop these characters. I understood why Olivia was insecure.

I hate it when heroines are insecure for no apparent reason whatsoever but Olivia's insecurity didn't annoy me. They endeared her to me. Same with Nate's reluctance to enter into any relationship.

I did want to slap him upside in the head a couple of times but he's a guy. Making stupid decisions in relation to matters of the heart is a given, so I wasn't too upset with him. I loved their conversations and their "Would you rather" game. Olivia is hilarious. She's the best heroine evah. She's a librarian, a little geeky with a wonderful sense of humor.

She fits Nate perfectly. And I can totally see why Nate could totally fall for her. I usually hate it when a hot guy goes gaga for a girl and I'm left confused as to why he likes her in the first place. Of course, this wouldn't be a Samantha Young book without some angst. But don't worry it's not that bad like On Dublin Street. I especially love the groveling in this book. I totally understood why Olivia didn't immediately forgive him.

No one wants to feel like they're the second choice. I loved that Olivia wanted it all and she wasn't willing to settle for second place. I must say Nate more than proved himself, so I was totally happy when how everything turned out. We also get to catch up with the gang in this book.

Some parts of this book actually overlaps Castle Hill. And while I still like Braden, Joss really annoyed me. She has gotten progressively abrasive and annoying in this series.

What does Braden see in her again? Anyway, I still loved this one very much. I'll definitely recommend it to everyone who love these types of stories. View all 39 comments. Jan 07, Jen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Take one for the team! Olivia and Nathaniel have been best friends for nine months, ever since meeting through the rest of the Dublin Street crowd. Not that this was a real problem for Olivia or Nate.

These two genuinely enjoyed their friendship and the time they spent hanging out together with no promise of sex.

Until the thought of sex entered the equation. So when our gal Liv finds herself attracted to a big, hot piece of man trying to get his education on at the library she works at, she knows she has to make some changes if she ever hopes to come into contact with a living, breathing cock again. You know what? When these two finally got together, I could actually FEEL the heat and attraction that had been simmering between them for months.

You deserve to start making a life with someone. I loved Olivia and how she knew her worth and stood her ground. Seeing Nate own up to his mistakes and Liv grow as a confident person and stand her ground made the entire book worth the read. I kept going back and forth between a 4 and 5 star rating for this but it comes down to the fact that I keep reading this book over again between other books or during downtime.

There were a whole lot of lines and none of them were of a solid consistency. I only have one question after finishing this book: I have no idea why I didn't continue with this series after reading On Dublin Street when it just came out. I'll blame my mile long TBR. But after hearing all about Nate from gushing GR friends, I figured it was way past time we get introduced. I was a little bit hesitant starting this since I read On Dublin Street such a long time ago, I remember a sum total of nothing from it.

Oh and I kinda sorta mighta skipped book 2. I'm a rebel like that But I digress.

My fear was since I couldn't remember any of the secondary characters introduced in ODS that I'd feel lost jumping straight into book 3. And while it took a bit for me to get everyone straight, I never did find myself confused.

I was totally enraptured in this wonderful book in just a few paragraphs. Olivia, even though she's not my preferred type of heroine, was easily one of my favorite characters I've read in a while. She's so quirky in her nerdiness that her insecurities never bothered me.

As a matter of fact, I found absolutely everything about her endearing, especially her insecurities. After losing her mother to cancer, Olivia moved to live with her father in Scotland. Having been taking care of her ailing mother, Olivia never really had a chance to experience the things that most teenagers do; going on dates, fooling around.

So despite her outgoing and quirky personality, the second she's around a guy she's attracted to, she gets shy and absolutely tongue-tied. Meeting Nate when she first moved to Scotland, she would have been just as shy around him, had he not immediately put her directly in the friend zone.

Now they're the best of friends. So who else can Liv come to to help her get over her shyness with men so that she can catch the eye of a super cute graduate student she meets in the Library where she works?

Nate is the biggest manwhore of the group. His gorgeous looks and charismatic personality guarantee that never spends the night alone. But Liv gets something that the women don't get So when she comes to him for help, he knows that he'll help her.

If the constant zing of attraction that runs between them is any indication, it certainly won't be a chore either. I have to say how much I loved Liv and her personality. Her nerdy sayings, her and Nate's movie nights and "would you rather" games were so adorable.

I honestly couldn't get enough of it. Also, it's so refreshing to read about a shy and awkward with the opposite sex girl that isn't a virgin. And despite her insecurites, Liv was anything but weak.

This is a woman that had no fear speaking her mind and standing up for what she wants and is right. Then there was the electric connection between her and Nate that only continued to get hotter and hotter with each new "lesson" God I'm taking you straight to heaven.

Hell," I panted, my fingers raking the wall. Having had an experience in his teenage years that have forever put him off of love, he has reasons for his sleeping around. And for once in my reading history, I thought they were ones that make sense. Nate was just this perfect combination of sexy and adorable. The way that he's with Liv makes you completely fall in love with him.

Does this feel like I don't want you? Just like that, Nate began to screw the mortification right out of me. There was also the sex.

Did I mention the sex? Because oh my god, the sex. Even though you know right away where these lessons will lead, it was still fun as hell watching both Liv and Nate fall for each other. Liv being strong and accepting of it, while Nate?

Not so much. I wanted to throttle him for the way he handles everything. And then I wanted to hug Liv for not being the pushover that she could have been and standing up for herself This was one of the best grovels I've read in a long time. It was, in a word, perfection. You're not ready to hear this yet," he concluded. The only man in your future is me, Liv.

If you're a fan of the friends to lovers trope, this book is simply a must read. Don't be an idiot like me and keep pushing off reading it. Drop whatever you're doing right now, and read it immediately. Trust me. You won't be sorry. For more reviews visit View all 44 comments. I've been told over and over again that I would love this story, and to those of you who knew me enough well of course you were completely correct. I didn't want this book to ever end. This story came complete with the perfect heroine, an outrageously gorgeous hero and a story line that left me weak at the knees, bravo Samantha young you've written the most perfect novel and my favourite in the series so far.

Here are my 'I fell in love hard' dreamy book thoughts What's it all about?

See a Problem?

Olivia has no shortage of great friends, a job that she loves and security living in a city that she has started to call home. What she doesn't have is a whole lot of confidence when it comes to matters of the heart so when her gorgeous best friend, Nate Sawyer agrees to give her some lessons in the art of seduction Olivia jumps at the chance. Olivia knows that nothing will develop between them, Nate likes the ladies a little too much and never promises to commit and Olivia has a bad case of insecurity which means she believes someone like Nate would never fall for her.

Olivia and Nate have firmly landed themselves into the friend zone but when attraction starts to develop into something more they have to make the decision to fight for something real or allow broken hearts, insecurities and bad decisions get in the way of what could be a loving forever, together. What did I love? This novel showcased Samantha young at her very best, I felt butterflies in my tummy at every romantic filled page and conversation, so much so that I felt like I never wanted to say goodbye to this book.

The characters were marvellous, move over every book boyfriend that I've ever fallen for and make room for my favourite heroine to date, Olivia was everything that I like in a female character, she was relatable, funny, sweet, gorgeous and had enough back bone to make me cheer for her from page one right to the end. Unusually for me Olivia as the heroine was the shining star in this novel but that's not to say that I didn't enjoy this books commitment-phobe, the delectable Nate Sawyer.

I loved his friendship with Olivia and I adored how he made her feel special and loved. Everything about their connection was super duper lovey-dovey and I can gladly say that this couple have won the spot for most favourite couple of the series. As for the story itself well I can't deny that I go ga-ga over a friends to 'lets-tear-up-those-sheets-together-baby' story.

The narrative was engaging as well as entertaining and as crazy as it sounds I feel such a fondness for these characters and their developing friendships as the series continues. Samantha Young has created a series that I'd be sad to say goodbye to but I'm hoping she already realises that readers will continue to love her characters and novels, I for one will continue to be a firm fan and I'd be happy to be left to re-read this gorgeous story over and over again.

Final thoughts It's no secret that I'm a little infatuated with authors who truly know how to write romance stories, especially those than make readers fall in love right alongside the characters. Samantha Young is an author who never fails to make me smile, swoon and get swept up in her delicious story telling.

Olivia and Nate are a couple that I'll love to re read over and over again and I can't imagine ever forgetting about this loveable novel. This is the third instalment in the 'On Dublin Street' series and for me most definitely stands out as a favourite. If you love a well put together romance story with plenty of friendship, steam, moments of fun and an added bit of angst then you must not miss out. Go grab it readers, enjoy View all 73 comments.

There seems to be the perfect balance of angst, happy, and emotional in her writing formula that just works for me as a reader. Ever since I read On Dublin Street, I've been not so subtlety shoving her books down my friends' throats for them to read. Before Jamaica Lane is the story of library assistant, Olivia and her best guy friend Nate, who embark on a series of flirting lessons in order for Olivia to gain more confidence around the other sex.

We've heard this story before, right? Young did a wonderful job with an old story line and making it into something uniquely her own. I think I deserve to have the man I love love me back just as much.

I loved the development of her character throughout the book from a semi-meek girl, into a woman who finally accepts herself for what she is: I'm not one for dual perspectives, but I really did find myself wishing as a reader that we could see Nate's point of view, as he could be so hard to read sometimes. The scene in which this happens had me in knots and I felt like I was going to puke not really, but you know what I mean. I kept returning to it as I continued reading because I felt I gained more insight to the story.

So if only for that scene alone, I bow down to Ms. You like to play with reader's heartstrings like they're a bloody violin.Especially ones I was attracted to.

Era una casa que necesitaba reparaciones. This is a friends to lovers story. Friends to lovers stories are some of my favorites. One person found this helpful. My thoughts: It just meant squashing the fluttering in my stomach whenever I gazed at Nate.

Here I was, surrounded by people who had been through hell and come out the other side to find the person they wanted to spend the rest of their life with. I wanted a drink, so I came straight to the kitchen.

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