FRENCH KISS By Eric Van Lustbader CONTENTS SPRING, PRESENT: Tourrette-sur-Loup,France/New Canaan, Connecticut Part I. Anna can't wait for her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a good job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. So she's not too thrilled. Anna is looking forward to her senior year in Atlanta, where she has a great job, a loyal best friend, and a crush on the verge of becoming more. Which.

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Anna and the French kiss [electronic resource (PDF eBook)] / Stephanie Perkins. Saved in: Processing (CPL) - eBooks (PDF) - Young Adult Fiction. 18p Anna and the French kiss / Stephanie Perkins. p. cm. Summary: When Anna's At least the people in my new school speak English. It was founded for . Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins. Stephanie Perkins' bestselling U.S novel, now published in the U.K.. Anna is less than thrilled to be shipped.

The development in this book is so so SO fab. The pace is also brilliant. The plot played out nicely and events happened in lovely pattern rather than randomly.

I loved where it ended. Overall this book is wonderful. There are moments where you laugh out loud and moments where you cringe so much you have to read through your fingers. Totally relatable and hilarious.

A joy to read. What did you think of Anna and the French Kiss? The story is simple enough, but beautifully and creatively written. It's straight to the point but not boring. Stephanie Perkins mixed simplicity with fab. One of the best YA contemporary I've read. Let me tell you what I think of Anna. I love this girl, even though sometimes her heart gets in the way of her head it's almost stupid.

But I like her wit. Her sense of humor and imagination are amazing. I love being in her head and it's a good thing that the book is written in her POV. She's funny and smart and sarcastic, in a good way.

And considering that her father enrolled her in Paris against her will, I'd say Anna is also pretty strong.

She handled her transfer well, even though it was difficult for her. One thing I don't like about Anna is that when she's hurt, she tends to push people away. She forgets her friends and chooses to go through her problems alone. In the process, she hurts the people who care for her, albeit unintentionally.

So it's good that she has a friend like Rashmi to make her realize what she's doing. Now let's talk about Etienne. Smart, charming, beautiful Etienne.

I love and hate him. I mean, he's a jerk. Leading on Anna like that. He has a girlfriend, goodness!

He's so frustrating that a lot of times I want to strangle him. But I also can't deny the fact that Etienne is a hearthrob. More than his good looks, I like him because he has flaws. He's insecure with his height, he's afraid of heights and his teeth aren't perfect. It makes him more real to me. And despite of those imperfections, he's confident and funny and smart and kind. Funny and smart make a good combination, if you ask me.

I love their friendship, their casual banterings, the fact that they're comfortable with each other. I liked the fact that even though they're miles away from their own families, they found home in each other.

I was frustrated when things got complicated and they can't be together. That's when I started hating Etienne and thought of him as a jerk. But when I came to understand his reasons, I sympathized with him. And Anna. They are both afraid of being alone, especially Etienne. And because of that, he was hesitant to do something about his situation with Ellie, even though he's clearly unhappy with her.

The other characters are also great. Meredith, Rashmi and Josh were awesome in welcoming Anna into their group when she was new in Paris. I love Bridgette's big words.

And although Matt's character has minimum exposure, I liked that he's a real friend to Anna and wasn't hesitant to point out her mistake.

The setting is also perfect.

The city of Paris gave a romantic backdrop to the story. Of course, it's the most romantic city in the world! I even felt like I was touring in Paris every time Anna and Etienne go out.

I love this book! The swoon-factor is so high, especially towards the end. It's a light read and enjoyable. Anna and the French Kiss also taught me that we don't have to face our problems alone. There's a reason we have friends and it wouldn't hurt to talk to them about what we're going through. Actually, it would hurt less. I freaking in love with this book This book really makes me want to go to France and visit all the places that Stephanie Perkins mentioned in this book I've been hearing about this book a lot on the net and wasn't disappointed after I've read it for myself.

Follow Anna as she was thrown into School of America in Paris alone. Naturally, she's totally upset. But she met her neighbor Meredith and her gang of friends Etienne included. So everything is normal in school except for her crazy attraction towards Etienne which grows while she was still thinking of her would-be-boyfriend Toph, plus the fact that Etienne has Ellie. Etienne is just too sweet So they had great fun. I seriously want to bash Etienne for behaving the way he did a few times in the book.

Is he clueless? So ok, he may not be the most perfect guy who has a girlfriend and yet kept hanging around Anna you the the reason why he did that-hanging around Anna I mean but why did it had to take so LONG for him to figure out. But boy, when it did, it made my heart flutter! Lots of things happened in the book.

You'll love their little venture outside of school and everything else. Give a book a try!

You can't help but love the characters and the hope that Anna and St. The doors automatically lock behind you. We enter her room. I gasp. No minitoilet, those are shared down the hall.

I quickly discover that most of the faces are the same five people: Quite goodlooking, actually. Plays for Arsenal.

The English football club? You could hammer nails with those thighs. Her room is amazing. Anna and the French Kiss I try on a ring with a rubber dinosaur attached. I need clean walls and a clean desktop and everything put away in its right place at all times.

Meredith looks pleased with the compliment. Clearly the product of a school photography class. Four people stand before a giant hollow cube, and the abundance of stylish black clothing and deliberately mussed hair reveals Meredith belongs to the resident art clique. I know her room is artsy, and she has all of those rings on her fingers and in her nose, but the rest is clean-cut—lilac sweater, pressed jeans, soft voice. She breaks into a wide smile, and her nose ring winks.

Clair and me and Rashmi. Well, everyone but Ellie.

Anna And The French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

She graduated last year. Was that an invitation to sit with her? Meredith must be single. Unfortunately, I can relate. He was tall-ish and funny-ish and had decent-ish hair. Too much spit. I always had to wipe off my chin. Not really. Besides, the breakup freed me to lust after Toph, multiplex coworker babe extraordinaire.

It did make me feel guilty. And things were starting to happen with Toph—they really were— when summer ended.

Anna and the French Kiss (Stephanie Perkins)

Matt knew I made it up, but he was too nice to say so. Sixhour time difference, remember? I set my long-empty mug of chocolat chaud on her dresser. See you at breakfast? See ya. Not a wall. A boy. Musician hair. Beautiful hair.

Are you all right, then? Does Mer live here? The boy clears his throat. Tall girl? Big, curly hair?

Anna and the French kiss

Meredith lives there. Is with. The scary enthusiasm? The beautiful boy gives an amused grin. His teeth are lovely—straight on top and crooked on the bottom, with a touch of overbite. I have a gap between my front teeth the size of a raisin. French name, English accent, American school. Anna confused. My heart thump thump thumps in my chest. Meredith opens her door. They laugh and hug and talk over each other. Have you seen Josh? Anna and the French Kiss I fumble with the key on my necklace.

Two girls in matching pink bathrobes strut behind me, giggling and gossiping.

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A crowd of guys across the hall snicker and catcall. Meredith and her friend laugh through the thin walls. My heart sinks, and my stomach tightens back up. At least I know where the cafeteria is Day Two: Life Skills Seminars. I doublecheck for my meal card and pop open my Hello Kitty umbrella.

I cross the road with a group of chattering students. She swears, and her friends tease her. I drop behind. The city is pearl gray. Anna and the French Kiss shimmers. Its massive dome and impressive columns rise up to crown the top of the neighborhood. Nothing I should be able to view from a classroom window. My new neighborhood is the Latin Quarter, or the fifth arrondissement. According to my pocket dictionary, that means district, and the buildings in my arrondissement blend one into another, curving around corners with the sumptuousness of wedding cakes.

I am here to live, and I feel small. The entrance is through a grand archway, set back in a courtyard with manicured trees. It looks like a film set. A Little Princess, if it took place in Paris.

How can such a school really exist? My father is insane to believe I belong here.

He smacks into my umbrella and then shoots me the stink-eye as if: Two-point deduction for Paris. Suck on that, Preppy Guy. It smells faintly of orange cleaning products and dryerase markers.

I follow the squeak of rubber soles toward the cafeteria. Beneath our feet is a marbled mosaic of interlocking sparrows.

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The whole school is as intimidating as it is impressive. It should be reserved for students with personal bodyguards and Shetland ponies, not someone who downloads the majority of her wardrobe at Target.

Even though I saw it on the school tour, the cafeteria stops me dead. I used to eat lunch in a converted gymnasium that reeked of bleach and jockstraps. It had long tables with preattached benches, and paper cups and plastic straws. The hairnetted ladies who ran the cash registers served frozen pizza and frozen fries and frozen nuggets, and the soda fountains and vending machines provided the rest of my so-called nourishment.

Anna and the French Kiss But this. This could be a restaurant. Unlike the historic opulence of the hall, the cafeteria is sleek and modern. The chairs are already filled with people gossiping with their friends over the shouting of the chefs and the clattering of the dishes real china, not plastic.

I stall in the doorway. Students brush past me, spiraling out in all directions. My chest squeezes. Should I find a table or should I find breakfast first? And how am I even supposed to order when the menu is in freaking French? Oh please oh please oh please. A scan through the crowd reveals a five-ringed hand waving from across the room. Meredith points to an empty chair beside her, and I weave my way there, grateful and almost painfully relieved.

You look so lost. A lanky guy with short hair and a long nose salutes me with his coffee cup. Rashmi has blue-framed glasses and thick black hair that hangs all the way down her back. She gives me only the barest of acknowledgments. No big deal. In the hallway. I guess. Josh smirks. He lets go of her hand and gives an exaggerated sigh. This is our year, I just know it.

You and St. Clair would look really cute in matching tuxes. Hallway boy. Beautiful boy. His hair is damp from the rain. She should utilize the corners of her mouth more often. He remembers me. Words fail me. Unfortunately, my stomach speaks for itself. As if he needed any further weapons against the female race.

Josh must be right. Every girl in school must be in love with him. You ought to feed that thing. Have to give you a lifetime table ban. Tell them what you want. Accept delicious goodies. And then give them your meal card and two pints of blood. In French. The language of love.The Promise of Amazing. The walls here are thinner than Band-Aids, so if I break down, my neighbors—my new classmates—will hear everything. Cleavage city. We enter her room.

The Problem with Forever. Anna and the french kiss is hosted at free file sharing service Anna and the french kiss. Plays for Arsenal. And, somehow, this extra cash and pseudo-prestige have warped his brain into thinking that I should live in France.

In the South?

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