Watersong--Wiegenlied. Watersong (Series). Book 2. Amanda Hocking Author Violeta Topalova Translator (). cover image of Lullaby. Amanda Hocking is twenty-six years old, lives in Minnesota and had never sold a Lullaby. Watersong (Series). Book 2. Amanda Hocking Author Nicola Barber. in the Watersong series by New York Times Bestselling author Amanda Hockin (Australia): amanda. bookclub. hocking. lullaby. series.

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author Amanda Hocking's Watersong series, where love is the most powerful weapon of Read Online Watersong, the Complete Series: Wake, Lullaby, T pdf. Prepare to fall under the spell of Lullaby, the second book in the Watersong series from New York Times bestselling author Amanda Hocking. Lullaby. Harper only wanted a safe, normal life. But when her younger sister Gemma runs off with a dangerous clique of beautiful girls, Penn, Thea, and Lexi, .

Pithy banter and humor interwoven with suspenseful supernatural and sweetly romantic elements will satisfy fans of this quick-moving, easy-to-read series. More is exactly what they will be looking for once they've turned the last page. A worthwhile read. High school, family, young love, and mythology all combine to create an easy-to-read paranormal suspense story that will have fans eagerly awaiting new installments.

I thoroughly enjoyed it. Wake is full of thrills, eerie suspense and mystery… incredibly dif… More…. Wake is full of thrills, eerie suspense and mystery… incredibly difficult to put down. A brand new series that reawakens everything we love in underwater mythology, Wake by Amanda Hocking will certainly leave you with the desire to pick up more of her titles. I am enthralled with the amazing characters and fast-pace plotline.

The thrill of the water, the history that propels the reader deeper, Wake is awesome! Amanda Hocking once again had me enjoying her writing and the world she created before my eyes.

After selling over a million copies of her books, primarily in eBook format, she became the exemplar of self-publishing success in the digital age. Lullaby is the second book in her new Watersong series with St. Martin's Press. Our Privacy Notice has been updated to explain how we use cookies, which you accept by continuing to use this website. To withdraw your consent, see Your Choices.

Martin's Griffin. Martin's Griffin St. Martin's Press On Sale: About the author. Therefore, this review will be brief, to-the-point, and divided into three sections for convenience. Characters I do not like Gemma. I just don't.

I can't relate to her, she's bland, she's boring, and not very original. I do not like Alex. Again, he is bland, boring, with nothing very original about him. He and Gemma fell in love way too quickly for me to be able to believe in their relationship. I did like Harper, though not as much as in the first book. I can relate to her more because she isn't as reckless and more responsible and logical.

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I am intrigued about Daniel. The way he could view spoiler [resist the siren's song hide spoiler ] makes me wonder what role he will play in the next book. I liked his and Harper's relationship because it was slower-paced, more realistic and slightly reminded me of the type of relationships I read about in fanfiction. Paranormalcy not the book I still like the sirens.

The beauty contrasting to the monstrous deeds is very interesting to me, like a balance-the-scales thing. I am interested to find out how the curse breaks. But when Lexi used super-speed, I couldn't stop myself from rolling my eyes. We do not need to be venturing into Twilight territory filled with extraordinarily attractive humans with superpowers that have no logical reasoning behind them.

I could think of many, many instances where showing could have been used instead of telling. When Gemma is explaining the siren's song; when Harper is suffering from the loss of Gemma; when view spoiler [Bernie's funeral hide spoiler ] is being explained; when Harper, Alex and Daniel are comparing Gemma-finding techniques; I could go on.

Since I skim-read most of this book, I am literally opening the book to a random page, re-skim-reading it to find out what it's about, and listing what happens. Because there is A LOT of telling. Normally, when you skim-read, the information goes in one eye and out the other that didn't really make sense but you get what I mean.

I consciously missed fair few details that may or may not have been important. I sort of expected more things to happen, plot-wise. Over half of the book is taken up by Harper, Alex and Daniel looking for Gemma and trying to work out what she and the posse are. Of course, we readers know exactly what they are and what they do, but Harper, Alex and Daniel don't so we are forced to sit through their mythology Google searches and wild guesses.

And to the ending, I congratulate you. I'm having flashbacks of New Moon. Even though I liked it less than Wake, I am going to finish the series, just because these books are mildly entertaining when you take them less seriously and skim-read. Actually, they'll just be a waste of my time.

Maybe not. And yes, I can resist the watersong. I read these books willingly and out of my own curiosity. View all 6 comments. I enjoyed the first one in the series better. There was barely any plot here and I still don't care much for Gemme. The only character I'm somewhat interested in is Harper, her older sister. At least it was a fast read. May 22, Tessa rated it it was ok Shelves: If you think the first book was uneventful, wait until you read this one.

First half is full of angst, and Gemma whining about wanting to leave and not being able to. Second half is after Gemma decides to leave, despite all the logical reasons why she should not and she can not do so. Did I mention that in the first book she draws all sort of stupid conclusions so I kinda felt she was stupid? Well, be prepared, because this book does it's best to validate my point.

Amanda Hocking

Here, despite the fact that sh If you think the first book was uneventful, wait until you read this one. Here, despite the fact that she draws the wrong conclusions, she also stops thinking for herself and let's the people around her make all the decision for her.

The sirens are pretty much the same as well the ending was just plain stupid. Getting to the part I had huge hopes for: Harper and Daniel.

Harper stops betraying the family gene and ends up acting just as stupid and shallow as her sister. All the cliche interruptions between her and Daniel phone ringing, person walking in on them etc. So annoying in fact that when they actually kissed I was so distracted that I didn't even notice they didn't got interrupted again.

I freaking hate this!

Oh, did I forgot to mention Alex? That's because he does nothing in this book besides actually being there. Huge achievement Dropped series. The End! Jul 15, Eleanor bookishcourtier rated it did not like it Shelves: I remember vaguely liking the first book, but this one was not for me. I think my reading tastes have changed. A lot. But even if you like the sort of paranormal romance genre, I don't think that this one is particularly well executed.

I was looking for a quick, easy read, but I'm more exhausted from rolling my eyes than I expected. I remember really liking the siren elements about the first one, but here I'm not really that angry about it, ev I remember vaguely liking the first book, but this one was not for me.

I'm not really that angry about it, even though I normally reserve one star ratings for books that make me fume, but two stars I feel is just too generous for this We have super simplistic, over-dramatic-in-places writing style, which irritates me to no end. The dialogue, especially from the villains, was absolutely awful. Especially Penn. Her speech was trying to sound all evil and villainous, but it just came across as a sort of an unpleasant teenage girl. And the actions scenes were actually laughable.

I remember reading something along the lines of "he punched her in the face", and not as an end line, but as a full blown sentence in a fight scene. Not one was developed properly.

Harper's one character trait is the fact that she is super overprotective of everyone. Gemma is headstrong. Penn is evil. Lexi is stupid. Thea is the only slightly more developed character of the bunch, but still not enough to redeem anything about this book.

And all their reactions to everything just was so over the top. Also, this book totally ruined sirens for me. They just are girls who are obsessed with shopping and living in fancy houses and watching TV and it ruined the whole image of them being bloodthirsty monsters.

Penn's character is so awful. She is supposed to be super evil, but she just comes across as petulant and dumb. Like nothing happened. At least in the first book there were actually events.

But here there was nothing but getting Gemma back far too easily, and then flopping about worrying about romantic relationships. It was all so out of proportion. The more important things in this book were boyfriends and all that lot, not the fact that there is a curse that could potentially hurt Gemma and a lot of others.

Like, ya know? This was just kind of silly and over the top and too focused on boys and not siren monsters. Nothing happened, it was poorly written, and is a poor example of its genre. I own quite a lot of this author's books, but if they're all like this I don't think I want to read any more.

It was just not for me anyway, coupled with the fact that I didn't like the writing and the problems were just not something that I could ever be interested in. I don't mind, can even like, romance in books, but not when its the typical boyfriend drama that is so stupid and petty in a book like this. I would not recommend this one! Oct 16, Jennifer rated it really liked it.

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Since Gemma ran off with the sirens, Harper and Alex have teamed up to bring Gemma home no matter what it takes. They do some research on sirens but find no way to kill them or free Gemma. It seems almost impossible but Daniel also agrees to help. Alex puts up missing person ads all over the web and Daniel checks the newspapers.

Gemma is fighting against her siren nature as hard as she can but it is making her sick. She hates the sirens but suffers through to keep Harper and Alex safe. I'm not su Since Gemma ran off with the sirens, Harper and Alex have teamed up to bring Gemma home no matter what it takes. I'm not sure what I would do if I was Gemma. She is in a really bad position as she will need to feed or soon die. One of the sirens is somewhat friendly and helps her with advice on how to do this as few times as possible.

The other two girls are horrible and selfish and enjoy the way they live. Harper and Alex eventually get a lead to Gemma. Then a bit of drama occurs but like with the first book this isn't action packed. It is slow and steady and mostly full of emotions.

Usually I'm not one for a slower read but I do love the relationship between Gemma and Alex and the beginning relationship of Harper and Daniel. I find the sirens gruesome and look forward to seeing how Gemma will break free of their bind.

Especially someone that doesn't think you're insane for believing in weird-ass bird-monsters? You have a good heart, and you'd never let anybody change you. That's part of why I fell in love with you. I mean, what were those little arms for? View all 3 comments. Mar 14, Fanoon Janahi rated it it was amazing Shelves: Amaaazing Book i don't know why but i never been into sirens stuff but in this book it just sounds real or i can imagine it Jul 22, Brendy rated it really liked it Shelves: I really have some review to re do.

That means i'll be re reading some of my faves: But what I can say about this one it's that this story made me laugh, fall in love, fear and feel angry at the same time.

A whole action movie where the mermaids aren't the sweetest thing just like Ariel made us believe! XD oh, and they have peaks! May 07, Suneha rated it it was ok Shelves: The first half of the book is extremely slow, uneventful and boring as hell but the other half progressed mercifully quickly. I don't hate the book but I don't love it either.

I'm not even sure I like it. The main reason why I picked up this book is because the sirens intrigued me and this is the first time I've come across such mythological creatures and I love Greek Mythology.

Harper and Daniel were also one of the 2. Harper and Daniel were also one of the few reasons why I picked up this book. Gemma and Alex lack originality and they are the most boring, annoying, clueless, dumb and uninteresting individuals and couples I have ever read about.

They fell in "love" way too quickly for me to grasp it. Gemma is so whiny throughout the book. It was really annoying. And did I mention that Alex practically did nothing other than just 'be there'. I mean, he was so useless and helpless throughout the book. I don't know why or how Gemma "loved" him. Harper is more tolerable than Gemma but the way she sometimes shunned Daniel really annoyed me. Other than that, I really liked her.

And Daniel! What can I say? I have nothing to complain about him! He is very likeable, sweet and kind. The perfect hero! He is practically the only character in the whole book I truly admire and have no complaints about. I hope he stays that way throughout the series. The Sirens were totally badass! They were bitchy, rude and selfish as usual but I couldn't help but read more about them! I loved learning more about their history and the original siren, Aggie.

I don't mean to be rude even though I've done nothing but complain throughout the review , but I did not like Amanda Hocking's writing.

I mean there's nothing very wrong with it but it was just too Her writing never really gripped me. Like I said before, I read this book because I wanted to know more about the sirens. Miss Hocking's writing was too simple and ordinary for me to like it.

Even though I disliked the book more than I liked it, I will still continue to read the Watersong series because I want to learn more about the Sirens and how Gemma finally breaks the curse and escapes them. Overall Rating: After inheriting the curse of a siren and leaving her home and everyone she loved, Gemma Fisher begins her new life.

Having beauty, magical power, and immortality scares her and she decides to treat it as a curse and not as a gift. However, one kiss will push her over the edge which makes her lose control of herself and everything she believes in. Her sister, Harper, decides that she will do anything that's in her will to find Gemma even if it means to l Overall Rating: Her sister, Harper, decides that she will do anything that's in her will to find Gemma even if it means to leave everything behind and completely disregard the "Danger" sign that's over her head.

The search might be long but having a gorgeous Daniel by her side helps and Harper is not sure how much longer she can reject her feelings for him. After I have read the first book in this trilogy "Wake" , it very upset me because the story was unclear and made the reader ask a lot of questions. However, after reading Lullaby, everything was right on point and went perfectly with the first book. All of the characters remained the same and the book perfectly fit in with the story line and the feel of the action that was revealing.

Overall, this could not have been a better book to follow Wake and I am very impatient to read the final Watersong Series book, Tidal which is coming out Spring Wieder einmal richtig spannend, ich freu mich bereits auf Band 3: Sep 06, Amber Keller rated it it was amazing.

Amanda Hocking

I loved this book you feel like you are the characters! Sweet Gemma gets stuck into a terrifying world of sex, lust, swimming, and of course ripping boys hearts out! In this book Gemma is stuck with the horrible but beautiful siren girls and refuses to give in to their ways until one night she was almost raped she finally gave in to protect herself and ripped a guys heart out and ate it after she felt much better! Her sister Harper is having a hard time coping with her sister leaving and a boy trying to win her heart they finally find Gemma and go to rescue her Gemma leaves with them and Alex her loving bf who they think might have the answers to how to break the curse!

Why because he loves a siren and actually loves her for her not because of what she is! Dec 02, Penny Raspenny rated it it was ok Shelves: The first part of the book is all about Harper trying to find Gemma by calling people on the phone like, seriously? As for Gemma, the first part is about her whining for being a mermaid and doing everything in her power to be miserable and weak, which of course can only lead to one possible outcome I think we all saw that coming.

The second part of the book is about Gemma not doing what she should and running of to the sunset with lover-boy and control-freak-sister. And by sunset, I mean back home where the sirens of course wouldn't think of searching for her I will repeat, seriously? I will not even mention the ending because it only shows that the protagonists are incredibly stupid. But I think you never doubted this anyway.

I will read the rest of the books because they are only two and they are really small, so the whole series will actually be like one big book. I am curious about what the series are supposed to be about and why they have so high ratings. Dec 17, Jenny rated it really liked it. Another creepy installment in this mermaid saga!

I especially loved Daniel in this one! Jul 08, Lisa Mandina rated it really liked it. So I had to check this book out from the library so that I could continue in the series and be ready to read the e-galley of the 4th one that I have.

Now, I only gave the first book in the series a 3 out of 5 stars, but I liked this one even better than the first, and gave it a 4 out of 5.

If you haven't read the first one, you might want to stop here, as there will be spoilers. So we're back with Gemma, who had to leave with the other sirens at the end of the last book, because they'd threatened So I had to check this book out from the library so that I could continue in the series and be ready to read the e-galley of the 4th one that I have. So we're back with Gemma, who had to leave with the other sirens at the end of the last book, because they'd threatened to kill her sister, and her boyfriend Alex, if she didn't.

So her sister, Harper, must go home and tell their dad that she ran away. But after all she'd seen, the terrifying bird creatures that the sirens could turn into, and the dead body of their island friend, Bernie.

So now Alex and Harper are trying to do what they can to find Gemma, as well as figure out what was going on. They know there is something to do with mermaids, but what about the horrible bird creature? So they begin to do research, specifically at the library where Harper works. And that is when they find information about sirens. And they get a somewhat unlikely helper, Marcy, the unique girl that works with Harper at the library. Daniel is still trying to get through to Harper, it is so obvious to both of them that there is a spark, but Harper doesn't want to have to worry about Daniel.

So, she tells him they need to stay apart. Meanwhile Gemma is trying to fight the curse, refusing to swim in the ocean or feed. But she gets sick, to the point where her hair is even falling out. While Thea seems to be more helpful now, Lizzie and of course Penn are still as evil as they seemed before.

Finally Penn orders Gemma to swim. And soon Gemma begins to feel better. So her thought is to swim in the ocean and continue to try to eat regular food.

Until a mishap occurs, where Gemma loses control. Around the same time, Harper and Alex, with some help from Daniel, figure out where Gemma probably is, and they go to try to bring her home. I won't go on, I'll leave the rest for you to read and find out. As my issues with the first book had to do with not knowing some things, we do now begin to learn some of the background of the sirens, and how they live.

But we also get some new questions, questions that even Penn and Thea don't know the answers to, but feel the need to find out. I must say I'm glad I'm going to be able to go on to the next book as soon as I'm done with this review, because I need to know what is going on. Also, the cover of the third book? It is really good! And from that cover, I had some ideas of things that happened in this book, or an inkling of some things, so maybe seeing the 3rd cover was a bit of a spoiler or hint.

Dec 30, Silver rated it liked it. After reading Wake, I basically devoured Lullaby right away. It bugs me to leave a story unfinished let alone a series, so I finished Lullaby in no time. But it took me awhile to gather my thoughts about this book. In some ways, I became more invested in the series.

But at the same time, Lullaby didn't shatter my world. Lullaby suffers from second book syndrome. The book was more of a filler than a plot progressor. It had a cliffhanger at the end and there weren't really any "twists" to make the After reading Wake, I basically devoured Lullaby right away. It had a cliffhanger at the end and there weren't really any "twists" to make the story more unique. In actuality, the plot was more circular and stagnant. The plot was subpar, but the background development and world-building is what drew me in.

Again, I found myself skipping to the scenes between Harper and Daniel. Their relationship is progressing albeit no help from Dad and Jason and I find their banter to be more serious and romantic than silly like in Wake. Harper learns to trust Daniel more and we get more incite on Daniel's connection to the sirens towards the end. Unlike Wake, Gemma stepped it up a notch.

I used to think she was a weak and whiny character, but her actions and love for the people she cares about showed me maturity and responsibility.

Gemma's caring, loyal, and determined. My respect for her grew in this book. I also got what I wished for from the first book! In the second book we get more details about sirens and what it means to be a siren.

We also get closer to the topic of Aggie the original fourth siren 's death and how the other three became sirens in the first place. A better understanding about Thea, Penn, and Lexi's individual characters is given no, not all of them are cold-hearted. More of a background filler, be prepared for the lack of plot progression. The characters are definitely more defined in this book and it's nice to delve more into the world of sirens and mythology.

Sep 12, Dinah Browne rated it it was amazing. This book was so good, despite the comments that say so otherwise. Again, my only problem is that it should be longer -I read the whole book in a sitting. The end of this novel left me on a cliffhanger kind of , and I can't wait to find out what happens next. I totally recommend this series to all readers out there. Jan 27, Cecily Kyle rated it really liked it Shelves: A great continuation of the story.

This is my kind of "magic" story, some of the genre can really bore me but I love the sexy yet scary mix. Really had me sucked into the story. Can't wait to read the next one! Great Read!The search draws her closer to too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good Daniel, and tests her fiercely guarded independence like never before.

But she gets sick, to the point where her hair is even falling out. Yes Drugs: Also, this book totally ruined sirens for me.

She proved pretty worthless in a fight. The dialogue, especially from the villains, was absolutely awful.

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