Chicago, IL, October 19, - Datalogics, Inc., the premier source for PDF and eBook technologies for developers, today announces the preview of two. With it, URMS is poised to help anyone in business publishing and eBook distribution to take their eBook business to the next level. The latest Tweets from Datalogics, Inc. (@DatalogicsInc). Adobe partner and primary channel for their eBook and PDF technologies. Chicago, IL.

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CHICAGO — December 16, — Datalogics, the premier source for PDF and ebook technologies, announces the release of Bookvia™. Tea-Book. ebook/ readynamic/. Datalogics offers professional implementation services to deploy SimplyE. With years of working in eBook technologies, Datalogics is uniquely positioned to.

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We consider ourselves the premier source for PDF and eBook technologies. We were founded in and started as a small independent software firm, in the era of reel tapes and punch cards. Our primary goal when we first started, which still rings true today, has been to surpass our customer expectations by providing them with innovative features and new product updates to meet their needs. Datalogics offers solutions that include a wide range of powerful PDF and eBook technologies for.

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Skip: Give us some history and context about why PDF has been and continues to be so widely accepted and used as a standard document format? Matt: PDF has continued to be an ISO standard-driven document format; the PDF format provides consistent interoperability for users, facilitating the creation of portable documents and ensuring reliable interchange.

Skip: Where is PDF headed next, and how will it continue to be relevant?

PDF 2. We anticipate that PDF 2.


We expect that there will be a transition over the next several years, if not longer, as document creators gradually add support for PDF 2. In fact, Datalogics is happy to announce our donation of an initial set of example PDF 2.

This ensures that PDF continues to address and solve new business problems while making sure that the needs of current users are also not ignored.

PDF vendors should also enable users to solve their problems effectively by providing intuitive, simple and implementable solutions for both common and complex problems, while still adhering to the PDF standards specification.

Product knowledge, industry info, and more on Adobe PDF, EdTech, and eBook technologies

We provide PDF technologies and document solutions to a wide range of industries and businesses and offer unparalleled support and expertise. We have dedicated Technical Support Engineers who are available to our customers and prospects during the evaluation process.

And even though Datalogics serves businesses, we firmly believe that we can only succeed if we help our customers succeed.

With that in mind, Bookvia is full of great features to give users an experience that is both intuitive and sophisticated. Users can download the app from the appropriate app store, login to a bookstore, and see their books.

For content from URMS stores, users will see the books they downloadd without having to leave the app to find their books. This common bookshelf provides a singular reading experience for all content from all supported stores.

We also included features that make reading more enjoyable at night. Users can pick a favorite highlight color or use colors to separate the types of highlighted text. This app is built to work with a large collection of books.

Users can arrange titles into collections and filter the bookshelf view by collections or other sorting criteria. We offer licensing options to the generic Bookvia app or offer branded app development to make it your own.We anticipate that PDF 2. About Datalogics Chicago-based Datalogics, Incorporated, the premier source for PDF and eBook technologies, has dedicated over 45 years to delivering the highest quality software.

We consider ourselves the premier source for PDF and eBook technologies. PDF 2.


Stop by and say hello, their team will take great care of you! Now here it goes again with a new form of e-book DRM. Take a look, talk to us, tell us what you think.

Matt: Just want to thank everyone for taking the time and be sure to check out our website at www. So if an eBook does not have page number tagging, the system automatically provides an estimate, making certain assumptions about the page size of the book.

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