Pathfinder is a registered trademark of Paizo Publishing, LLC, and the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Path of Shadows aims to bring new light to the darker. Step into the dark with Path of Shadows, the first Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Watermarked PDF + Softcover Color Book (Standard). $ Step into the dark with Path of Shadows, the first Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement by Ascension Games! Inside you'll find several shadow- and.

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An update has been released for Path of Shadows. Update to Path of Shadows PDF · Christopher Moore February 25, Path of Shadows has to stack with a locked gauntlet. InPath of Shadows TagsPathfinder, Path of Shadows, News. After six long months of work, Path of Shadows was created! .. a bit of gift card money left over from christmas, I think I might snag a pdf of this. Welcome to the Path of Shadows - For D&D 5e playtest! This book is a conversion of my first roleplaying book,. Path of Shadows, now brought over to the rule set.

Its a common enough cliche concept that you expect to be supported so Drake will be my measuring stick. Maybe Black Tentacles counts, but not too much shadow going on. Maybe I do need this book.

Its looking like Drake does if he wants his concept to be vivid. Well as of this sentence I have yet to read it so let me take a look inside to see what Drake can do. After introductions, including a blurb about the low amount of shadow magic in the game, we get to chapter 1 and the new base class, The Nightblade. Its a general half-caster chassis.

The class features are interesting and have some flavor to them.

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Shadow surges are unlimited but you can only have one at a time and it takes a standard action to make one. You can spend the shadow surge on various other class features.

It reminds me of psionic focus or maneuvers. There's a bit of teleportation through shadows and some extra surges among other abilities. Nothing is overpowered but Drake is pretty happy. Chapter two gives us some new options for Nightblades and other classes, including a dew Advanced Class Guide classes. Alchemist, Antipaladin and Rogue win out on the cool factor here, other than that there's nothing to get too excited about unless you really want to run your darkness themes.

The Nightblade archetypes are really nice though. Of course there are a bunch of new spells all for shadow themes.

The magic items are standard things. The options for other classes are mostly take or leave but the spells and feat sections are really superb. All in all, an interesting path as well.

The path of the ravaging void gets a very interesting path power, which allows you to change the energy type of energy spells — which is pretty much an awesome trick and though it extends to supernatural abilities, the wording covers those.

So far, this has been pretty much a homerun, but alas, the shadow surge herein imho can require a more distinct scaling mechanism — the shadow surge is a ranged touch attack with a range of 30 ft.

While the damage itself is not impressive when thinking about the fact how shadow surges etc. The path techniques provide elemental resistances and allow you to suffuse your elemental spells with shadow energy, adding debuff effect insults to the elemental injury — I really like this idea-wise! Now where things become very interesting would be the option to expend spell-slots to duplicate elemental energy damage dealing spells, which, however, only remain partially real.

A handy table spares you making calculations or the like, so kudos.

All in all, this can be considered the battle mage among the paths, with severe distortion effects that play well with damage-casters and psionics.

The final path would be the path of the twilight veil and I LOVE the path power — based on HD of the target, the spatial distortions caused by the shadows can provide devastating debuffs to the target creatures and 2nd level nightblades of this path can additionally turn invisible via shadow surges.

Where the ravaging void is the sledgehammer, the twilight veil would be the scalpel — several illusion-themed techniques and arts allow for serious customization of illusion tricks. Furthermore, the power-enhancing arts are pretty cool here, allowing you to affect creatures usually immune to your distortions. This is kind of the oddball, the one among the paths that imho requires the most investment, but in the hands of a capable player, it may very well be the most rewarding — the exceedingly nasty distortion power can cover somewhat the terrain control and the almost unlimited invisibility are powerful indeed when handled correctly.

Why am I not shrieking for the nerfbat? Still, this enables a nasty guerilla style gameplay that has found its fans at my table.

The class also sports FCOs for aasimar, dhampir, drow, fetchling, tiefling, wayang and core races. The next chapter is devoted to a plethora of archetypes and new class options with shadow magic, obviously, as a unifying theme. Alchemists can e. There is also an antipaladin who receives a potent, scaling aura of darkness that allows himself and his allies to see through the, later damaging blackness.

Barbarians can choose from two totem power trees and an unaligned one , wherein an already existing bite is enhanced or add str-damage to her attacks while also receiving defenses versus certain conditions.

The stygian striker magus can be envisioned as the nightblade crossover — less frontlines, for skirmishing with evasion etc. Oracles can suffer from a curse that makes people forget them and choose a new mystery, while paladins can opt to channel light to dispel and suppress all those nasty effects.

Rogues may wilder in nightblade arts and shamans may choose the new darkness spirit. Finally, there is an archetype that pays for the access to two paths at once with a crippled progression of the shadow surges, paying for an increased array of options with less on-the-fly-flexibility and spells.

Fans of shadow-themed races like fetchlings and wayangs may enjoy the feat-section particularly — there are quite a few racial feats for them to set them apart, with generally a fitting theme of shadows, darkness-enhancing, etc. Good craftsmanship.

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Interesting for other classes — there are spells herein which interact with e. Interesting would be terrain control spells to confine targets in e. From the ageing capstone, there are other interesting effects — for example, a complex spell which alters an illusion to allow for the execution of quasi-real attacks via the infusion of shadow stuff — as such area attacks, attacks, energy etc.

There are also lunar prophecies or the option to conjure forth the all-consuming maw of the nightwave.

Ways to suppress extraordinary senses would also be an interesting move for spells. Shadow-based necromancy spell-duplication is also covered, as are chaotic overlaps between planes. I also like the concise definition of shadow length for attacks on a shadow, which reflects its damage to the origin of the caster.

A new spell-class to summon evil, horrific creatures also can be found herein. Conclusion: Editing and formatting are excellent — I noticed no significant issues while reading this — none. I mean it. This book looks better than quite a few kickstarted books I could name.

Yes, THAT beautiful. What a furious first offering! Last year saw plenty of adventures of newcomers providing an extremely high quality, but new crunch tends to require most designers some time to get right. Christopher Moore seems to not only be able to edit his own texts, quite a feat, imho, he also provides a level of professionalism with regards to rules-language one sees scarcely, almost never among novices.

The Genius Guide to the Shadow Assassin (Pathfinder) PDF

Beyond that, this pdf offered a level of system-mastery and a level of awareness of obscurer rules I quite frankly almost never get to see.It gives a lot of care for a subject that is neglected and does it in a pretty concise and well written way. PS Halflings Choose a weapon from the following list: In addition, she receives bonus spells per day if she has a high Charisma score see the Ability Scores section in Chapter 1 of this game Core Rulebook. A nightblade can choose from any of the following nightblade arts or from any of the arts listed for her chosen path.

Visit the Fantasy Grounds website for more product information. The techniques a nightblade gains are described in her chosen path. A customer. Log In I am new here.

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