1 Lauren Groff - Florida. Best short stories. Riverhead Books. Snakes, crocodiles and lizards stalk the pages of this collection from one of. Books shelved as short-stories: Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri, Tenth of December by George Saunders, Dubliners by James Joyce, Nine Stories by. Published in , this short story collection by Krys Lee offers a poignant glimpse into the Korean immigrant experience. Crossing decades.

Short Story Book

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A round-up of the best contemporary short story collections published this century , covering literary fiction, horror, fantasy, and more. At Electric Literature, we know better: a great short story is a specific thing, Johnson's first short story collection since the seminal Jesus' Son. Explore some of the most exciting voices in short fiction. by Etgar Keret. The Bus Driver Who Wanted To Be God & Other Stories Book Cover Picture.

The 10 best short story collections

History is alive here, but it expresses itself in unexpected ways. Fellow citizens include a literal child of God and a robot devoted to its Master.

Orner captures the brief and quiet moments that define our humanity in the collection of short-short stories. A young girl watches a drowning deer. A dying poet considers his storied life. Everything Inside by Edwidge Danticat August Kitchen Curse by Eka Kurniawan October 1. Kitchen Curse is his first collection of short stories to be translated into English, a much-anticipated introduction for millions of readers.

Kurniawan starts with dreamlike fables, breaks them, and reassembles them into short stories that connect with modern readers.

Nancy Hale was a celebrated fiction writer in her day, with many of her greatest works published in The New Yorker from the s to the s. Thanks to Lauren Groff Florida , Fates and Furies , Hale is being introduced to a new generation of readers and a towering talent is returned to the spotlight.

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Bestselling and popular

The poignant, fantastical stories in this collection feature a cast of characters including a Cyclops, a mermaid, animal mummies, and astronauts. Read our interview with Ramona Ausubel about what bodies do in secret and read a short story from the collection here , introduced by Manuel Gonzales.

As a queer Southerner, who wrote about his experience at conversion camp in his debut novel, White both respects and sees right through the tropes of Southern fiction. Read an interview with Nick White.

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This stunning debut collection offers a perspective on black life that acknowledges, but does not require or rest on, suffering and grief.

She also produced this weird and wonderful collection of stories about the eponymous state. We asked Lauren Groff about ugly feelings, climate change, and using dread to create effective fiction.

Mark his name—and read our interview. Originally, I thought I should write and publish short stories to later help get my novel published. Learn how stories work and why they work.

I wrote. A lot. In the beginning, the ideas were endless. It was like an underground spring had finally been unplugged, and I was a geyser of creativity. And even though I started writing short stories to further my novel, I ended up falling in love with this beautiful, compressed form that allowed me to actually finish a story arc in less than five years.

Tip: Even if you are working on a novel or another long project, taking a break to write a short story now and again can help free you from that insidious condition we call writers block. I submitted my short stories to literary journals. I knew to take none of it personally. I was stubborn. I kept revising and submitting, and I started getting acceptances.

My most successful year—when five pieces were published—I also got rejections. The only way to fail is by not trying.

There is always more.Kitchen Curse is his first collection of short stories to be translated into English, a much-anticipated introduction for millions of readers. The New Space Opera. What to Know About the Outlander Books.

The Short Story Collections Everyone Should Read

Murder Is My Business. Some of our picks this year are from people who have never written a longer work of fiction.

The Metamorphosis and Other Stories. The Magic and the Real.

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