Scanned by Albert Hofmann»Alle Anstrengungen meines Willens, den Zerfall der äußeren Welt und die Auflösun. LSD —Mein sorgenkind by Albert Hofmann (German original) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Available in the National Library of Australia collection. Author: Hofmann, Albert, ; Format: Book; p.: ill. (some col.) ; 23 cm.

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LSD, mein Sorgenkind (German Edition) [Albert Hofmann] on * FREE* shipping Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Note: LSD, My Problem Child appears in this library under the "Fair Use" Numerous accounts of the discovery of LSD have been published in English; none. LSD. Mein Sorgenkind book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers.

Hofmann had not had the mysterious intuition that this substance might have other effects than at first found.

During the recrystallization of LSD tartrate Hofmann was contami- nated with the solution and he made the first quite unexpected observations of the hallucinogenic effect. This was on the 16th of April, , and three days later he made the first Selbstuersuch with 0. The effects started after 40 minutes and then he made the world- famous bicycle tour with his laboratory assistant to his house.

In the following chapters, Hofmann describes the effects of LSD in animal experiments and the first systematic investigation in humans per- formed in the Psychiatric Clinic in Zurich by Dr. Stall son of Prof.


Arthur Stoll and the clinical use of the preparation Delysid. The second phase is the abuse of LSD by lay-people, which made Sandoz stop the production of the substance; this, however did not stop the availability of the drug on the black market. The role of the well-known Dr. To broaden his story Hofmann describes two Mexican hallucinogens: the mushroom teonanacatl and the seeds ololiuqui. The first contains the indole alkaloids psilocybine and psilocine, whereas the second contains ergot alkaloid derivatives similar to LSD but not LSD itself as psychoactive substances.

I remember clearly when Dr.

LSD —Mein sorgenkind by Albert Hofmann (German original)

Hofmann described his results on ololiuqui at the IUPAC congress in Australia in that the audience was very sceptical towards his results and could not believe that seeds from a plant of the Convolvulaceae family contained the same alkaloids as the ergot fungus.

Of course, Hofmann was right: his findings were later verified in several laboratories. The expedition to Mexico together with the well-known ethnomycolo- gist Gordon Wasson to discover the identity of the drug Ska Maria Pastora is a stimulating chapter.

What gives this book a special interest for non-phytochemists and non- pharmacologists is the literary, artistic and philosophical aspects on the hallucinogenic drugs.

Finally, Hofmann presents his own ideas on the LSD experience and its relation to reality, mysticism and religious experiences.

This is a fascinating book, easy to read in German or English. It should be read right through under quiet conditions, giving the reader time to think of consciousness, the possibility of revealing ,the unconscious and its relation to mysticism and religious feelings.

Ralph Metzner introduces each of these accounts and explains the religious, sociological, and historical background of psychedelic drugs from their origin in prerecorded history to the stormy drug scene of today.

Download zipfile of the complete text in HTML.

abstruse topics in a clarity of language that enables the non-professional to

Copyright by Myron J. Weil's emphasis that it is consciousness and intention that are primary in determining our response to drugs, rather than drug chemistry, is an insight we need today to determine a rational approach to drug use and abuse.

Tart, Ph. Preface to the revised edition and Chapter 1 reproduced in The Psychedelic Library by permission of the author. Goode convincingly shows how misconceptions and widespread fears over the morals and life styles of drug users have hindered an enlightened understanding of the use and effects of marijuana.

The complete text is available here by permission of the author. The complete text available here by permission of the author.

Tart "A Psychological Study of Marijuana Intoxication" was published in and remains a most important source of information for both professionals and the general public.

With the recently escalating debate concerning government intransigence on the medical marijuana issue, On Being Stoned appears in The Psychedelic Library as a valuable antidote to misinformation and hysteria.

Albert Hofmann

Zinberg "This s a major work, by one of the world's leading experts on drug use and abuse. It is a book full of insights.

Zinberg has provided us with a candid report on the reality of drug use in some of its most common features. By concentrating on the human dimensions of controlled use, he has etched in remarkably revealing detail the broad spectrum of use within which abuse may be better understood and more accurately defined.

It is a book which anyone aspiring to present a new structure to explain drug use must take into account.

It is the standard reference showing that addiction can never be resolved to its biochemical components, as the NIDA and NIMH are currently attempting to prove.Ich sprang auf und schrie, um mich von ihm zu befreien, sank dann aber wieder machtlos auf das Sofa. An excerpt from the book, "Considerations concerning psychedelic and psycholytic therapies" in English is also available as a PDF file of 5MB.

On one particular Friday afternoon, Hofmann accidentally ingested some of the stuff and had a psychotomimetic experience. Die wichtigsten aktiven Bestandteile der Meerzwiebel lagen bereits in reiner Form vor.

Crunch nische Anwendung gefunden hatten, in Bearbeitung genommen. Maslow here articulates one of his prominent theses: the "religious" experience is a rightful subject for scientific investigation and speculation and, conversely, the "scientific community" will see its work enhanced by acknowledging and studying the species-wide need for spiritual expression which, in so many forms, is at the heart of "peak-experiences" reached by healthy, fully functioning persons.

Ich war nicht sehr kritisch dabei, da mich diese Frage gar nicht interessierte. Der emsig schreibende Versuchsleiter schien mir sehr fern zu sein. The common component of these alkaloids, lysergic acid, was isolated and characterized, and Hofmann synthesized a series of lysergic acid derivatives.

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