Full text and audio database of Top American Speeches by Rank Order. Great New Speeches · Obama Speeches mp3 · PDF. 3. Franklin Delano. Famous Speeches. Match the words from famous speeches on the right with the correct person on the left who gave that speech. ___ 1. President Franklin. The History Place - Great Speeches Collection: Winston Churchill Speech - Iron Curtain delivered this speech in which he first coined the term "iron curtain" to.

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This momen:tous cleeree is a great beacon light of hope to millions of Negro slave·s who had been. ~riacripwacose.cf in the flames o[ withering injushcc. It came as a. E This great Nation will endure as it has endured, will revive and will prosper. So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is fear. These famous speeches lifted hearts in dark times, gave hope in despair, refined the characters of men, inspired brave feats & changed the.

As the alliance, in turn, prepared to go forward with its counter-deployment, there were difficult days--days of protests like those during my visit to this city--and the Soviets later walked away from the table.

But through it all, the alliance held firm. And I invite those who protested then-- I invite those who protest today--to mark this fact: Because we remained strong, the Soviets came back to the table.


And because we remained strong, today we have within reach the possibility, not merely of limiting the growth of arms, but of eliminating, for the first time, an entire class of nuclear weapons from the face of the earth. As I speak, NATO ministers are meeting in Iceland to review the progress of our proposals for eliminating these weapons. At the talks in Geneva, we have also proposed deep cuts in strategic offensive weapons.

And the Western allies have likewise made far-reaching proposals to reduce the danger of conventional war and to place a total ban on chemical weapons. While we pursue these arms reductions, I pledge to you that we will maintain the capacity to deter Soviet aggression at any level at which it might occur. And in cooperation with many of our allies, the United States is pursuing the Strategic Defense Initiative--research to base deterrence not on the threat of offensive retaliation, but on defenses that truly defend; on systems, in short, that will not target populations, but shield them.

By these means we seek to increase the safety of Europe and all the world. But we must remember a crucial fact: East and West do not mistrust each other because we are armed; we are armed because we mistrust each other. And our differences are not about weapons but about liberty. When President Kennedy spoke at the City Hall those 24 years ago, freedom was encircled, Berlin was under siege. And today, despite all the pressures upon this city, Berlin stands secure in its liberty.

And freedom itself is transforming the globe. In the Philippines, in South and Central America, democracy has been given a rebirth.

Throughout the Pacific, free markets are working miracle after miracle of economic growth. In the industrialized nations, a technological revolution is taking place--a revolution marked by rapid, dramatic advances in computers and telecommunications.

In Europe, only one nation and those it controls refuse to join the community of freedom. Yet in this age of redoubled economic growth, of information and innovation, the Soviet Union faces a choice: It must make fundamental changes, or it will become obsolete.

Today thus represents a moment of hope. We in the West stand ready to cooperate with the East to promote true openness, to break down barriers that separate people, to create a safe, freer world. And surely there is no better place than Berlin, the meeting place of East and West, to make a start.

Free people of Berlin: Today, as in the past, the United States stands for the strict observance and full implementation of all parts of the Four Power Agreement of Let us use this occasion, the th anniversary of this city, to usher in a new era, to seek a still fuller, richer life for the Berlin of the future.

Together, let us maintain and develop the ties between the Federal Republic and the Western sectors of Berlin, which is permitted by the agreement. And I invite Mr. Gorbachev: Let us work to bring the Eastern and Western parts of the city closer together, so that all the inhabitants of all Berlin can enjoy the benefits that come with life in one of the great cities of the world.

To open Berlin still further to all Europe, East and West, let us expand the vital air access to this city, finding ways of making commercial air service to Berlin more convenient, more comfortable, and more economical. We look to the day when West Berlin can become one of the chief aviation hubs in all central Europe. With our French and British partners, the United States is prepared to help bring international meetings to Berlin.

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It would be only fitting for Berlin to serve as the site of United Nations meetings, or world conferences on human rights and arms control or other issues that call for international cooperation. There is no better way to establish hope for the future than to enlighten young minds, and we would be honored to sponsor summer youth exchanges, cultural events, and other programs for young Berliners from the East.

Our French and British friends, I'm certain, will do the same. And it's my hope that an authority can be found in East Berlin to sponsor visits from young people of the Western sectors. One final proposal, one close to my heart: Sport represents a source of enjoyment and ennoblement, and you may have noted that the Republic of Korea--South Korea--has offered to permit certain events of the Olympics to take place in the North.

International sports competitions of all kinds could take place in both parts of this city. And what better way to demonstrate to the world the openness of this city than to offer in some future year to hold the Olympic games here in Berlin, East and West? In these four decades, as I have said, you Berliners have built a great city.

You've done so in spite of threats--the Soviet attempts to impose the East-mark, the blockade. Today the city thrives in spite of the challenges implicit in the very presence of this wall.

What keeps you here? Certainly there's a great deal to be said for your fortitude, for your defiant courage. The country had lived under British rule for over a century , and the Indian people were tired of the economic disadvantages and high taxation of the arrangement.

This speech also called the Indian populace to passive resistance against their British rulers. The road ahead was long and filled with political turmoil, but eventually in the summer of , India was declared an independent country at last.


Married to President Franklin D. Most historical sources describe her as shy and retiring , but she was a dedicated politician, humanitarian, and activist for the better part of her life. Truman appointed Ms. Roosevelt to be the U. Roosevelt worked tirelessly for nearly two years to create a draft and resolve numerous stalemates amongst her fellow delegates.

On December 9, , Ms. Roosevelt attended the United Nations General Assembly in Paris to deliver an impassioned speech , urging the assembly to adopt the finished declaration. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights has since influenced national constitutions and human rights agreements all around the world.

The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes it as the most translated document in the world —translated into languages and dialects. Martin Luther King Jr. A Baptist minister and staunch social activist , King was the face of the American civil rights movement during the s and 60s.

7 Famous Speeches that Changed the World

During this era, just about every part of American life was segregated by skin color: King used his oratory talents as a pastor to deliver rousing speeches to his followers and the nation on the importance of equality. He was also involved in many famous protests, including the March on Washington. This speech was a manifesto for the American civil rights movement and truly became the rallying cry for supporters of equality. In , South African leadership began enforcing official policies of racial segregation.

This apartheid segregation restricted who black Africans could marry, where they could live, and what professions they could work. The most widely cited example of anaphora is found in the often quoted phrase "I have a dream", which is repeated eight times as King paints a picture of an integrated and unified America for his audience.

Other occasions include "One hundred years later", "We can never be satisfied", "With this faith", "Let freedom ring", and "free at last". King was the sixteenth out of eighteen people to speak that day, according to the official program.

25 Powerful Commencement Speeches by Famous Women

I have a dream today! King had the power, the ability, and the capacity to transform those steps on the Lincoln Memorial into a monumental area that will forever be recognized. By speaking the way he did, he educated, he inspired, he informed not just the people there, but people throughout America and unborn generations. Thus, the rhetoric of the speech provides redemption to America for its racial sins.

He says that "America has given the Negro people a bad check", but that "we've come to cash this check" by marching in Washington, D. For years, he had spoken about dreams, quoted from Samuel Francis Smith 's popular patriotic hymn " America " "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" , and of course referred extensively to the Bible.

The idea of constitutional rights as an "unfulfilled promise" was suggested by Clarence Jones. Additionally, King quotes from Isaiah —5 "I have a dream that every valley shall be exalted C The "I Have a Dream" speech can be dissected by using three rhetorical lenses: voice merging, prophetic voice, and dynamic spectacle.

Prophetic voice is using rhetoric to speak for a population. A dynamic spectacle has origins from the Aristotelian definition as "a weak hybrid form of drama, a theatrical concoction that relied upon external factors shock, sensation, and passionate release such as televised rituals of conflict and social control. It combines the voices of previous preachers and excerpts from scriptures along with their own unique thoughts to create a unique voice.

King uses voice merging in his peroration when he references the secular hymn "America. During King's speech, he speaks with urgency and crisis giving him a prophetic voice.

The prophetic voice must "restore a sense of duty and virtue amidst the decay of venality. Executive speechwriter Anthony Trendl writes, "The right man delivered the right words to the right people in the right place at the right time. It can be considered a dynamic spectacle because it happened at the correct time and place: during the Civil Rights Movement and the March on Washington.Free Speech in Wartime. We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.

Hindi is considered to be the mother language of India.

It can be considered a dynamic spectacle because it happened at the correct time and place: during the Civil Rights Movement and the March on Washington. The Fourteen Points.

Every speech on this list led to direct and lasting changes throughout the world, and even to this day, many lines of these speeches might just sound familiar to you. George Catlett Marshall.

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